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Global Hedge Fund Marketing and
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We are a leading financial services and hedge fund marketing agency that offers a range of services that can greatly improve your firm’s capital raising objectives.

We work closely with each client to develop customised brand, interactive, sales, marketing and design solutions and provide you with the right tools to drive powerful investor engagement, build brand strength and successfully meet your capital raising objectives.

With offices in London and New York, we are well positioned to help fund managers and financial firms find their competitive edge. From brand concept and creative content to a full suite of high impact marketing materials, Fund Edge can help maximise your offering.

Creativity at its best

Tell your story…

Get creative with your content and design and just watch how your relationships with your prospects develop.

About Us

A unique team of professionals with both agency and industry experience, we know what it takes to produce quality results.

A fund-focused marketing firm with an eye for detail and a passion for delivering an exceptional product, we strive to provide innovative industry insight, top tier creative, and unbeatable client service. Comprising an all-star team of experts in marketing, brand, communications and design, we work closely with our clients to develop the best possible strategy for their sustained growth and long-term success.

A dream team comprised of sales, marketing, brand, design and communication specialists, Fund Edge has worked with some of the most prominent names in asset management. Each team member brings a wealth of knowledge, insight and hands-on experience.

Our Mission

Fund Edge is dedicated to providing results-driven, complete marketing, brand and PR support. Our goal is to ensure client objectives are met and delivered on time with a level of service that truly makes us stand out. We promise quality and competitive pricing on every engagement and we are deeply committed to bringing you the very best products and services available. Feel free to contact us [link] and find out how Fund Edge marketing can help your business grow.

Our story

We provide unbeatable service, transparent and competitive pricing and deliver on time. An established agency with over 40 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and ability to maximise your offering and enhance your competitive position.

Our Skills

  • Brand development

  • Industry knowledge

  • Creative Design and Content

  • Social Media/Digital Marketing

  • Customer service

    Why Us


    We understand the industry.

    We have extensive experience in financial services and alternative investments- we know that the fund world is fast, complex and highly competitive. We understand the importance of effective market response and we know what it takes to create compelling content that connects with your investors.

    We listen to our clients.

    We take the time to understand your needs, research the options and make clear recommendations for the best strategy going forward.

    We perform.

    At Fund Edge we provide a level of service that is unsurpassed. We make ourselves available 24/7 and pride ourselves on delivering on our promise. Our quality of work is guaranteed and we aim to exceed client expectation at every opportunity. We set the bar high knowing our work will build lasting relationships with our clients.

    Looking for powerful client engagement? Let us help.

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    Our Strengths

    Our Services

    From digital marketing and social media strategy, to pitch books, presentations and unique fund marketing materials, we can help define your strategy and forge a strong brand identity. Through a comprehensive suite of investor-focused materials, we can help you capture investor attention and drive sales.

    Whether you’re a fund start-up or an established hedge fund, Fund Edge can help define your brand, refine your sales and marketing strategy and connect you with your target audience.

    Brand Development

    Brand plays a vital role in your company’s growth and success. It represents a unique style and vision that differentiates you from the competition and it forms the visual foundation on which your reputation is built. At Fund Edge, we understand the importance of brand and the various components needed to create a strong brand identity- we know exactly what is needed to create a lasting and effective brand that fits. Ask us how we can help with logo design, typographic treatments, core messaging, marketing materials and corporate stationery.


    We know the value of well written material which is why we draw on strategy, creativity and industry knowledge to produce meaningful content that resonates with the reader, builds brand strength and drives sales. Ask us how we can help with pitch books, brochures, fund fact sheets, messaging and other marketing collateral. Your story needs to be told in the right way. It will be read by investors that need to feel they can trust your company, your people and your offering.

    Creative Design

    Let us help deepen the connection between your brand and your investors, and drive communications that make a positive impact. We bring a fresh perspective to brand strategy, positioning and delivery, and match our creative concepts to your objectives. We can help with the design of ad campaigns, interactive presentations, fund fact sheets, pitch books, offering documents, corporate brochures and stationery.

    Interactive Media

    Interactive presentations are one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience. Use this dynamic approach to strike a chord with your clients. Not only will our unique presentation package provide you a competitive edge in the marketplace, it will reduce the risk of mis-selling, missed sales opportunities and poorly communicated marketing materials. Our team will tailor a presentation to your brand, vision and corporate identity and the end result is guaranteed to enhance your firm’s offering and connect with your audience on an advanced level. See the capabilities of our innovative presentation tool.

    Social Media & Digital Marketing

    Looking for marketing mileage? Cost effective and ultra-efficient, social media allows brands to broaden their exposure and connect with a relevant audience. The true value of social media however lies in its ability to share items of interest amongst peer networks (an investor may enjoy a piece of content that you upload, and share it with peers, who are also likely to be interested in what you have to say). Let your social media networks do your marketing for you! From LinkedIn to Twitter to company blogs, Fund Edge will create a social strategy that fits your brand and your goals. The JOBS Act enables firms to promote their offering with a lot less restrictions and social media is perfect for that. Don’t get left behind. Read more about our Social Media & Digital Marketing service. In addition to our comprehensive social media planning tool, to help you get the most from your social networks we have outlined the following objectives as pillars to your social media success:
    • 1. Attract investment leads.
    • 2. Generate ongoing social awareness and buzz around the fund’s performance.
    • 3. Improve the site performance on search engine rankings.
    • 4. Build a social community of advocates, market influencers, prospects, advisors and investors - a cherry-picked audience for when you launch a new fund or start a new wave of investment.

    Web Design

    Crucial to winning in the market, your website serves as a link between your customer and your brand. But beyond aesthetics, your website must also have functionality and usability. At Fund Edge, we understand the importance of a well written, well designed website and specialise in designing and developing innovative websites for alternative investment and asset management clients. Your website needs to create the right impression, it must be professionally written and most importantly it must evolve side by side with your business.

    Our Team



    Hayden has been in the marketing and design business for over 20 years. A CIM qualified marketer, Hayden understands how a well-executed strategy can enhance a brand. His knowledge on Social Media and Digital Marketing is second to none.


    Jade has more than 20 years in the field of branding, marketing and advertising. She has worked for some of London’s leading agencies developing concepts for large global brands, whereby she played a key role helping firms develop national and pan European campaigns.


    Mary has been bringing creative, custom technology and data solutions to Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, and Investment Banks for over 20 years. Mary heads up business development in our New York office.


    Dawn started her career working for global industry leaders both in the UK and Europe.  With almost 15 years experience in the field of marketing and design, Dawn now specialises in web design and digital marketing, having created over 100 websites.

    Investors have choice.

    Why compromise?

    Sometimes it’s more than just your track record an investor is looking at.

    Our Blog

    To find out more about hedge fund marketing including how to start a hedge fund, social media for hedge funds, hedge fund branding and pitch book design, bookmark our blog page and revisit to read our latest articles and publications.

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